Savannah Cat Breed

Let me tell you about Savannah cats. These incredible and unique cats are loved by many for their exotic looks and devil-may-care attitudes. From their origin to their temperament, there is a lot to learn about these wonderful felines. Check out some of what we’ve discovered.

Image 1: MilesF3John

Meet Miles – he’s a prime example of the beauty that is the Savannah cat. With his sleek, spotted coat and curious gaze, he could easily be enshrined as a work of art. But this breed isn’t just about their stunning appearance. These cats have a lot to offer when it comes to personality and character.

Savannah cat MilesF3John

Image 2: Savannah Cat Portrait

This second photo shows another Savannah cat in all its glory. With a regal pose and majestic coloring, this cat is almost royalty. Despite this, Savannah cats are known to be playful and fun-loving pets that make great additions to any household.

Portrait of a Savannah cat


The Savannah cat is a relatively new breed, first recognized by The International Cat Association (TICA) in 2001. These cats are the result of breeding a domestic cat with a serval, a wild cat native to Africa. The goal was to produce a cat with exotic looks while retaining the domestic temperament. The resulting breed has been a hit with cat lovers ever since.

Location of Origin

As mentioned earlier, the Savannah cat is a hybrid cat breed created by breeding a domestic cat with a serval. The serval is native to Africa, so it is no surprise that these cats are said to have originated in the United States in the 1980s, specifically in the state of Georgia. These unique cats quickly gained popularity and can now be found in homes and cat shows all over the world.

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Appearance and Colors

One of the most notable features of the Savannah cat is their appearance. They can range from small to large, weighing anywhere from 8-25 pounds. These cats are often compared to dogs due to their size and behavior, as they love to play and can even be trained to walk on a leash. They also have a unique coat that is often described as “spotted” or “marbled.” The markings can come in a variety of colors, including brown, silver, or black. They also have large, pointed ears, which are a trademark of the serval.


Savannah cats are known for being intelligent, playful, and very curious. They are often compared to dogs due to their ability to adapt to certain situations with ease. They are also known for being loyal and affectionate towards their owners. They can be trained to do tricks and walk on a leash. Although they have a wild ancestry, their domestic genes make them calm and gentle pets.

Choosing the Best Foods

As with any pet, it is important to fuel your Savannah cat with the right foods to maintain their health and wellbeing. In general, Savannah cats should be fed a diet of high-quality protein, essential fatty acids, and other nutrients. It is also important to provide a balanced diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid overfeeding and always provide fresh, clean water for your cat to drink.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Savannah cats:

  1. Are Savannah cats hypoallergenic? While no cat breed is truly hypoallergenic, Savannah cats do produce less of the protein in their saliva that causes allergic reactions in humans. If you have allergies, consult with a doctor before bringing a Savannah cat into your home.
  2. Do Savannah cats require a lot of exercise? These cats do have a lot of energy to burn off, but they do not need as much exercise as a dog would. A moderate amount of playtime each day should suffice, such as chasing a toy or taking a walk outside.
  3. Are Savannah cats legal to own? The laws surrounding Savannah cats vary depending on your state, so it is important to check local laws before bringing one home.
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There is no doubt that the Savannah cat is a unique and beautiful addition to any home. With their exotic looks and playful personalities, these cats are both fascinating and fun. They require proper care and attention, but the rewards of owning a Savannah cat are endless. If you are considering adding one of these cats to your family, make sure to do your research and choose a reputable breeder to ensure that you are getting a healthy and happy cat.

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