Chausie Cat Breed

The Chausie cat breed is an exotic and wild domestic hybrid that has unique features that set it apart from other cat breeds. This breed is becoming increasingly popular among cat lovers and is known for its sleek beauty, intelligence and active nature. It is a breed that is not only interesting to look at but also a great companion for those who appreciate an active and engaging pet.


The Chausie cat breed is a large cat, often weighing between 15-25 pounds. Its muscular build, athletic body, and sharp features give it a unique and striking appearance. Its coat is short, dense and water-resistant, with a distinctly wild appearance, and comes in various shades of brown, from tawny to black. The coat also has distinctive tabby stripes, spots, and blotches. Its eyes, which are typically green or yellow, are large and almond-shaped, giving it an exotic appearance.

Chausie Cat Breed


The Chausie cat is a hybrid breed that originates from a cross between a wild African serval and a domestic cat. It was first developed in the 1990s and has since gained popularity among cat enthusiasts. The breed was officially recognized by The International Cat Association (TICA) in 2001 and has continued to gain popularity since then.

Geographical origin

The Chausie cat is originally from Egypt, where the native jungle cat, Felis chaus, known locally as the Swamp Lynx or Jungle Cat, is found. It was a commonly seen cat in ancient Egyptian art, where it was thought to have been revered as a sacred animal. The breed is now found all over the world, with breeders in North America, Europe, and Asia.

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Chausie Cat


The Chausie cat is an intelligent, active and playful animal that enjoys interacting with people. It is a breed that requires plenty of attention, mental and physical stimulation to keep it happy and healthy. It is known for its curiosity, explorative nature and love for playing with toys. This breed is also particularly good at learning and responding to commands and has been trained to walk on a leash.


The Chausie cat is a unique breed that has several distinctive characteristics. It has a wild appearance with a muscular build and athletic body. Its coat is short, dense and water-resistant, with tabby stripes, spots and blotches of various shades of brown. The breed is known for its high energy levels and loves to play and explore. It is also an affectionate pet that enjoys spending time with its owner.

Choosing the best food

The Chausie cat is a carnivore and requires a high protein diet to maintain its health and vitality. It is recommended to provide a diet that is high in meat, such as chicken or fish, and low in carbohydrates. The diet should also be balanced and include essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Providing fresh water is also important as the Chausie cat has a high metabolic rate and needs to stay hydrated.


Q: Is the Chausie cat a good pet?

A: Yes, the Chausie cat makes a great pet for those who enjoy an active and intelligent cat. However, it is important to note that this breed requires plenty of attention, activity and mental stimulation to keep it happy and healthy.

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Q: How big do Chausie cats get?

A: The Chausie cat is a large breed, often weighing between 15-25 pounds, but can grow to as much as 30 pounds in some cases.

Q: Do Chausie cats shed?

A: Yes, the Chausie cat sheds like any other cat, but its short and dense coat makes it easier to manage than other long-haired breeds.


The Chausie cat breed is a unique and beautiful animal that is well-suited for those who enjoy an active and engaging pet. It has distinctive features and characteristics that set it apart from other cat breeds, making it an interesting and exciting animal to own. Having a Chausie cat as a pet requires attention, activity, mental stimulation and proper nutrition, but the rewards of owning one are immeasurable.

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