Belgian Tervuren Dog Breed

Belgian Shepherd Tervuren is a remarkable dog breed with a rich history and incredible characteristics that make it stand out among other dog breeds. This article will take an in-depth look at the Belgian Shepherd Tervuren, its history, origin, characteristics, diet, training, and how to properly take care of it.


The Belgian Shepherd Tervuren has a fascinating history that dates back to the late 1800s in Belgium. It was originally bred to be a versatile farm dog that would herd sheep, protect livestock, and guard the farm. This breed was named after the Belgian village of Tervuren, which is where it was originally bred.

During World War I, the Belgian Shepherd Tervuren was used as a messenger dog, ambulance dog, and even a guard dog. Later, the breed became popular as a police and military dog due to its intelligence, strength, and agility.

The breed was first recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1959 and is now popular worldwide as a family pet, law enforcement dog, and show dog.

Location of Origins

The Belgian Shepherd Tervuren was bred in the village of Tervuren, which is located in the Flemish Brabant province of Belgium. The region is known for its beautiful countryside and rich cultural heritage.

The area is also known for its agriculture, with many farms producing crops such as wheat, oats, and corn. The Belgian Shepherd Tervuren was originally bred to be a working dog on these farms and to help with herding livestock.

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Today, the Belgian Shepherd Tervuren is recognized as a beloved family pet and can be found all over the world.


The Belgian Shepherd Tervuren is a medium-sized dog breed that typically weighs between 60-75 pounds and stands at a height of 22-26 inches at the shoulder. This breed is known for being intelligent, loyal, and protective.

Their coats are usually a reddish-fawn color with black overlay, but they can also come in shades of gray, sable, or black. They have a proud and majestic appearance with a long, thick coat that requires regular grooming.

Belgian Shepherd Tervurens are high energy dogs that require regular exercise and mental stimulation. They are great for active families who love to hike, run, and play outdoors.

This breed is also known for being extremely trainable, making them great for obedience competitions, search and rescue, and other working dog activities.

Choosing the Best Foods

When choosing food for your Belgian Shepherd Tervuren, it is important to select high-quality, grain-free dog food that is appropriate for their activity level and age.

Owners should choose food that is rich in protein and healthy fats to support their dog’s growth and energy needs. Avoid feeding your dog foods that contain fillers, artificial colors, or preservatives.

It is also important to monitor your dog’s weight and adjust their food intake as necessary. Overfeeding can lead to obesity and other health problems.

Always provide fresh water and feed your Belgian Shepherd Tervuren at the same time each day to help establish a routine.


Belgian Shepherd Tervurens are highly trainable dogs and respond well to positive reinforcement techniques. Positive reinforcement involves rewarding good behavior with treats or praise, rather than punishing bad behavior.

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Training should begin at an early age, with socialization being a key component. Early socialization can help prevent shyness or aggression towards other dogs or people.

Belgian Shepherd Tervurens are active dogs and require regular exercise to prevent destructive behavior. Owners should engage in fun activities with their dogs such as agility training, obedience competitions, and playing fetch.

Taking Care

Taking care of a Belgian Shepherd Tervuren requires regular grooming and visits to the veterinarian. Their thick coats require regular brushing to prevent matting and tangling.

They are prone to several health conditions such as hip dysplasia, eye diseases, and allergies, so regular visits to the veterinarian are essential. Owners should also keep up to date on vaccinations and preventive treatments such as heartworm and flea and tick prevention.

Belgian Shepherd Tervurens are active dogs and require plenty of mental stimulation and exercise. Owners should provide plenty of toys, games, and exercise opportunities to prevent destructive behavior.


How much exercise does a Belgian Shepherd Tervuren need?

Belgian Shepherd Tervurens require at least an hour of exercise every day. This can include walks, hikes, and playing in the yard.

Are Belgian Shepherd Tervurens good with children?

Yes, Belgian Shepherd Tervurens are great with children when properly socialized and trained. They are loyal and protective and make great family pets.

Do Belgian Shepherd Tervurens shed?

Yes, Belgian Shepherd Tervurens have thick, double-layered coats that shed seasonally. Regular brushing can help reduce shedding.


The Belgian Shepherd Tervuren is an incredible dog breed with a rich history, majestic appearance, and loyal and protective temperament. It is popular all over the world as a family pet, show dog, and working dog. When properly trained, socialized, and cared for, Belgian Shepherd Tervurens can bring joy and companionship to their owners for many years.

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