Basset Hound Dog Breed

Basset Hounds are one of the most popular breeds of dogs in the United States. If you are considering getting one, this article will give you all the information you need to know about these adorable hounds!


The breed of the Basset Hound originated in France in the 16th century. The word ‘Basset’ is derived from the French word ‘bas’ which means ‘low.’ They were originally bred for hunting rabbits and hares, a task they are still used for today. In the United States, Basset Hounds became popular in the early 20th century.

Basset Hounds are known for their distinctive look – they have short legs, long ears, and a droopy expression. They are often used for hunting because of their keen sense of smell and their ability to track scents for miles.

The Basset Hound breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1885.

Basset Hound

Location of Origins

Basset Hounds were first bred in France, specifically in the regions of Artois and Normandy. These regions had dense forests, which made it easy for the Basset Hounds to track down rabbits and hares. Today, Basset Hounds are bred all over the world, but France remains the country of origin for this canine breed.


Basset Hounds are known for their loyalty, affectionate nature, and their tendency to be stubborn. They are also known for their powerful sense of smell, which makes them excellent hunting dogs. They are medium to large-sized dogs, with males weighing between 50-65 pounds and females weighing between 45-60 pounds. Basset Hounds can have a lifespan of 12-15 years if taken care of properly.

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One of the most distinguishable features of a Basset Hound is their droopy ears. Their ears serve a purpose, as they help to trap scents and funnel them towards their noses. Basset Hounds also have a lot of wrinkles on their face, which can require extra care to keep clean.

Basset Hounds require moderate exercise, and they enjoy taking walks with their owners. They do not require a lot of space to move around, but they do need a yard to play in. Basset Hounds are also excellent with children, making them a great choice for families.

Basset Hound

Choosing the Best Foods

Basset Hounds love to eat, so it is important to choose the best foods for their health. Basset Hounds are prone to obesity, so it is important to monitor their food intake and never feed them table scraps. Feeding them a high-quality, balanced diet is crucial to their health and longevity.

Basset Hounds are known for having sensitive stomachs, so it is important to choose a food that is gentle on their digestive system. Some good choices for Basset Hounds are Royal Canin Basset Hound Adult Dry Dog Food, Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula, and Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Dog Food.

It is important to provide clean drinking water for your Basset Hound at all times. Dehydration can lead to health problems, so always make sure your dog has access to fresh water.


Basset Hounds can be stubborn, so it is important to start training them at a young age. Basset Hounds respond well to positive reinforcement, so using treats and verbal praise can be very effective.

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Basset Hounds have a strong sense of smell, so they are easily distracted. It is important to find a training method that works for your dog, as they can take longer to learn than other breeds. Consistency is key when training a Basset Hound, so be sure to establish clear boundaries and rules.

Basset Hounds benefit from obedience training, as it helps them to learn commands and become better socialized with other dogs and people. Socializing your Basset Hound is also important, as they can become anxious around strangers if not properly socialized.

If training becomes too difficult, consider enrolling your Basset Hound in obedience classes with a professional dog trainer.

Taking Care of Your Basset Hound

Basset Hounds are low maintenance dogs, but they do require some care.

One of the most important aspects of Basset Hound care is grooming. Basset Hounds shed a lot, so regular brushing is necessary to keep their coat healthy and shiny. Their ears also require extra care, as they are prone to infection. It is important to clean their ears regularly and keep them dry.

Basset Hounds require a moderate amount of exercise, so it is important to take them for walks and let them play in a yard. Exercise helps to keep them healthy and prevents obesity.

Basset Hounds are prone to certain health problems, such as hip dysplasia, ear infections, and skin problems. Regular vet visits are important to keep them healthy and catch any health problems early on.


Q: How much exercise do Basset Hounds need?

A: Basset Hounds require a moderate amount of exercise, such as walks and playtime in a yard. They are not high-energy dogs, so they do not require a lot of exercise, but it is important to keep them moving to prevent obesity.

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Q: Are Basset Hounds good with children?

A: Yes, Basset Hounds are great with children. They are affectionate and loyal, and they enjoy playing with kids. It is important to always supervise interactions between young children and dogs to prevent any accidental injuries.

Q: Do Basset Hounds shed a lot?

A: Yes, Basset Hounds shed a lot. Regular brushing is necessary to keep their coat healthy and shiny.


Overall, Basset Hounds are wonderful dogs that make great companions for families. They are loyal, affectionate, and great with children. While they can be stubborn, with patience and consistency, they can be trained to be obedient and well-behaved.

Remember to choose a high-quality diet for your Basset Hound, groom them regularly, and provide them with plenty of exercise to keep them healthy and happy. With proper care, a Basset Hound can make a great addition to any family!

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